Emergency Air Transportation during Scouting Period

If any athlete experiences any accute Decompression Sickness symptoms during the scouting period, he should immediately visit the Hermoupolis General Hospital and if the symptoms persist, request immediate air transportation to the Athens Naval Hospital. The Hellenic Air Force

Unified Center for Coordination of Search and Rescue (EKSED) will be on special alert and expecting a call at +30 210 4131619 (24h call centre) for immediate coordination of helicopter transfer of the casualty to the Athens Naval Hospital (+30 210 7261377, 2107261204), which is also on alert. In case helicopter transportation is necessary, a competent physisian must accompany the casualty, thus, the mediation of the Hermoupolis General Hospital is absolutely necessary in all cases. The organisation urges all athletes to take DCS threat very seriously and be very cautious about their time intervals between dives. They should always be on alert for symptoms of DCS and not hesitate to visit the Hospital timely. The organisation of the WC thanks the Hellenic Air Force for the cooperation on the issue of safety during the scouting period of the 30th CMAS Spearfishing WC.