The Nautical Club of Syros Host Volunteers for the Teams arriving in Syros

     For any query or information about the island, accomodation, location, weights etc., teams arriving in Syros can contact following Nautical Club of Syros volunteers, who will try their best

     to assist and give all necessary guidance and help until teams settle in well on the island. So if there is any problem or query, try to call your local volunteer host:

     For Lebanon and Algeria, Irini Angeli +306944872377 (speaks English and French)

     For Great Britain and Australia, Marietta Kavallari +306938650474 (speaks English)

     For the U.S. and Brazil, Rafael Kapellas +306987287532 (speaks English)

     For Italy and S. Marino, Athina Koutsoukou +306984266556 (speaks English, German and Italian)

For Bugaria and Turkey, Marianna Sarri +306978718617 (speaks English and Italian)

For Finland and the Ukraine, Maria Tudose +306987998341 (speaks English)

For N. Zealand Croatia and Argentina, Konstantina Tsavdaridou +306934438582 (speaks English)

For Tunesia and Tahiti, Maria Futsitzidou +306972774487 (speaks English, French and Italian)

For Cyprus, Marianna Chalkiopoulou +306933408712 (speaks English)

For Portugal and Russia, Thalia Hahami +306936544297 (speaks English)

For Spain, Mexico, Chile  and Colombia, Antonis Kyriakides +306948181000 (speaks Spanish)