The CMAS Spearfishing Commission allowed the use of the Freediver Recovery Vest for the WC

The CMAS Spearfishing Commission approved a request made by NZ and allowed the use of a freediver recovery vest in the WC.

The actual inflation of the vest, however, will disqualify the user for the whole championship day, even if it is accidental. The amendments to the PR will be made shortly by the CMAS SF Commission. If the use of this new equipment is observed to be safe and without implications, its use will be implemented in the CMAS spearfishing General Rules. The use of the freediver recovery vest will in all cases be optional. The Commission normaly does not accept additions to the particular rules of a championship at a late stage, but it made an exception this time because the measure suggested was considered to increase safety for the athletes interested and the Commission found this to be reason enough for the exception.