Team Finland will have 6 members. 


Tapio Salakari / Captain.

Tapio was the "Main secretary of the European championships 2013 at Helsinki". Everybody who has worked with Tapio knows that what he promises, he will deliver. He is a strong captain and especially now when team Finland has a new generation coming up, Tapio's knowledge is more important than ever. Tapio Salakari is the "Boss" of spearfishing at Finland.


Kimmo Sjöblom Doctor / Mentor

Kimmo is the deep diving mentor of team Finland. In Finland nobody was doing deep spearfishing before the Manolis Giankos miracle at Helsinki 2013. After that all the members of team Finland have been constantly focusing to do spearfishing in the deeper waters. Manolis took the Finnish spearfishing to the next level. But we have to me honest. We are not experienced in diving deep. That is the reason we have the "Strongest man of tne west coast", Kimmo Sjöblom in our team.

Tero Vaara / Competitor

Tero is the youngest but the strongest member of team Finland. Tero lives in the middle of Finland. Far away from the sea, but close to the big and clear water lakes. Tero is specialised to the shallow water diving but he is definetily the name you should remember in the future. Tero will spend next 5 months at Angola. He is working there as a nurse. Tero is also practising spearfishing in Africa style to be at his best in September at Syros.

Mikael Raitokari / Competitor

Mikael is the Ace of Spades of team Finland. He can win the competitions in the North with his left hand but one day he can be out of top ten. This is the reason why Mikael is focusing a lot on mental and psychical training. Mikael is living on the west coast of Finland and he is specialised to hunt the Finnish "Barracudas", pikes.

Riku Leimola / Competitor

Riku is the Ambassador of Jamaica of team Finland. He is always in good mood and supporting everybody. But when he goes underwater he is transforming into a "beast". Riku is the person that every team needs. He always brings valid fish to the weighting. Riku lives in the capital of Rap music in Finland, Espoo.


Matti Pyykkö / Competitor

Matti is the living legend of Nordic Spearfishing. He is been trained by Carlos Obrador and Joseba Kerejeta. But still he has problems with the two day competitions. Matti´s dream is to be at top 10 in the World championships. But it needs two good days. Not just one. That is the reason why Team Finland deep diving Mentor Kimmo Sjöblom is working with Matti all winter. Maybe the island of Syros is the answer to the BACCALAO dreams.